Content Manager

iAPPS Content Manager2013 CODiE FinalistiAPPS Content Manager delivers unmatched flexibility and ease-of-use as the industry’s preeminent CMS for marketers to drive Digital Engagement for business. From superior Search Engine Optimization (SEO) features, a touch-oriented interface driving mobile-friendly experiences, and out-of-the-box content targeting capabilities, the pre-integrated best-of-breed technologies embedded within iAPPS Content Manager are unrivaled in the web experience marketplace. A CODiE Award Winner for Best Content Management Solution, iAPPS Content Manager powers more than 5,000 websites around the globe for many of the world’s most powerful brands.


Engaging Online Experiences

iAPPS Content Manager boasts proactive digital marketing tools that help businesses personalize the online experience and drive customer engagement maturity. Users can target site visitors with persuasive content based on device, navigation behavior, and demographics to improve conversion and allow visitors to immediately find what they want, when they want it.

Responsive Design

Whether a visitor is using a tablet, smartphone, laptop or desktop, Responsive Design maintains your message by automatically adapting your web content to the screen size of the device accessing your website.


Device Preview

With Content Manager, users have the ability to preview content in specific device resolutions to test audience segments or device-specific content prior to publishing.

Video Hosting Services

Brightcove’s leading cloud-based HTML5 video technology services are seamlessly integrated into Content Manager, enabling content authors to effortlessly share video assets that are hosted in their Video Cloud account across all of their web properties. Brightcove logo


User-Friendly Template Builder

Template Builder enables administrators to create new page templates by dragging and dropping controls into special page zones – all without having to access a developer

SharePoint Integration

iAPPS pulls digital assets directly from a linked SharePoint library into any iAPPS managed content right from the WYSIWYG editor. iAPPS opens a modal window for easy access to linked SharePoint content like image files and documents.


Language Variant Microsites

Administrators can syndicate content by choosing language variants that enable a multi-site workflow, allowing the same website to appear in multiple languages.

Clay Tablet logo

Auto-Language Translation With Clay Tablet Technologies

With Content Manager global marketing is not an obstacle – it is an opportunity. Capitalize on your global presence without having to access a developer with out-of-the-box translation services provided by Clay Tablet. With Clay Tablet, content authors can send pages through workflow directly to their translation vendor with return content automatically uploaded to libraries and pages.

Auto-Generated XML Sitemaps & Auto-301 Redirects

iAPPS automatically updates the Sitemap.xml file, alerting search engines when changes are made or when new pages are created, as well as 301 redirects, ensuring search engines don’t penalize your web site when page names change.

Enterprise Search Capability

The onset of Big Data – with the majority of information in the world being created in the last few years – means information is at a higher premium than it has ever been. iAPPS’ out-of-the-box integration with the ISYS Enterprise Search solution insures easy access to all of your sites’ information. ISYS_logo.png

Blog Creation and Management

Creating blogs is easy with iAPPS and maintaining them is even easier. The extremely intuitive interface makes it simple to manage all posts and comments. A fully-functional text editor, robust user verification toolset, and user registration capabilities enable you to create a compelling experience for each blog visitor.


Powerful Integration Options

With the iAPPS Framework as the foundation for all iAPPS products, integration is seamless. While Content Manager is powerful all on its own, when you deploy iAPPS Analytics, iAPPS Commerce, and iAPPS Marketier your web application becomes a dynamic, intelligent and value-driven piece of your business management toolset.

Deployment Flexibility

For our SaaS customers, we can centrally manage your implementation eliminating the need for costly backend infrastructure as well as provide seamless product updates. And for those who prefer to keep their web application in house, Bridgeline’s technology is flexible enough to offer a traditional perpetual license option.

Core Features Description
Web-based Tool Accessible via the Internet anytime anywhere with an enhanced user interface that is simple to use.
Cross-Channel Interface The iAPPS 5.0 interface includes persona driven mega menus that can be customized towards personnel and their tasks. The menu allows users to reach any iAPPS admin screen from any of the products, at any time.
Enhanced Rich Multimedia with Brightcove Video Integration Brightcove’s video hosting services built into iAPPS 5.0 allow the integration of video directly into Content Manager and onto your website. New controls also allow embedding from YouTube or other video sites.
Template Builder iAPPS Administrators can use flexible Layout Templates to create new Page Templates by dragging and dropping controls into special page zones – all without the need for developer assistance.
Mobile-Ready Editing iAPPS 5.0 allows users to edit and publish content on their website with mobile-friendly management features using a tablet or smartphone.
Target Audiences With Personalized Content
Persuasive content capabilities on iAPPS 5.0 leverages device, navigation behavior and demographics to allow companies to display targeted content to segmented audiences and allow visitors to immediately find what they want.
Inline Content Editing
Very intuitive to allow easy entry and formatting of content without any knowledge of HTML or other web programming. Simply navigate to the page and edit the information inline without pop-ups or refreshes.
Built-in Translation Services with Clay Tablet Clay Tablet integration works with iAPPS to seamlessly translate web content into any required language. Choose a page, submit to workflow, and have content instantly sent to a translation provider or system of choice
Language Variants Syndicate your content by choosing language variants that enable a multi-site workflow, allowing the optimization of your website in multiple languages.
SharePoint Integration Pull digital assets like image files or documents directly from a linked SharePoint library into any iAPPS managed content right from the WYSIWYG editor.
Blogs Create blogs quickly and easily. Assign indexing terms to improve SEO and enable topic categorization.
Page Comments Add comments to any page and edit them at any time. Comments Awaiting Approval feature ensures comments will not be displayed on the public site until they are approved. Comment Search enables a user to enter specific criteria, such as keyword, to find specific comments.
Web Forms
Content Manager comes equipped with a flexible drag-and-drop Web form creation tool that enables you to collect valuable information from your site visitors.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Auto-301 redirects; auto-generated XML site maps; navigation and menu name-based URLs improve SEO.
Surveys & Polls
Learn even more about what your target audience is looking for by creating custom surveys and polls with intuitive drag-and-drop designer built into Content Manager.
XML-based Content Allows easy import/export with other systems and faster searching.
Simple and Custom Workflows Multiple levels of approval ensure that content is always reviewed and approved before going live on the web site. Fully custom parallel and serial levels of approval workflow. Email enhanced to ensure notification.
Multi-Site Management Allows content across multiple sites to be easily managed through a single interface.
Content Archiving and Rollback Store previous versions of content and maintain editing history. Quickly view or rollback to previous versions of content items.
Content Libraries Store shared images, videos, files and data in one location for easy access. Create user and role-level access to individual directories.
Online Reporting Integrated online reports such as content aging, content pending publication and items pending archive help authors effectively manage content.
Enterprise Search Integration
The iAPPS Platform comes fully integrated with state-of-the-art enterprise search capability developed by ISYS, ensuring that all of your sites' information is always easily accessible.
Real-Time Content Updates Enable content contributors to publish content directly onto development, staging, or live production web servers.
Dynamic Site Map Site map and navigation are generated automatically as pages are published to the site.
Group Security Use groups to maintain security for multiple administrators making it easier to update permission profiles.
Enhanced Asset Security Models Easily lock down content, files and other site assets to audience segments, including automated support through built-in ISYS Enterprise Search.
Active Directory Support Option to utilize standard authentication protocols to control CMS access rights.
Custom Application Integration Ability to integrate custom functionality within the iAPPS Framework.
Flexible Component Object Model (COM) API Developers can build powerful web applications and share content using the optional COM APIs.
RSS Content Syndication Management
Allows for easy creation and customization of RSS channels to distribute content externally.
Multiple Licensing Options
Software-as-a-Service offering allows for more flexible licensing and worry free hosting and maintenance. Perpetual Licensing gives freedom of deployment and ownership of software.
Advanced Online Marketing Management*
Leverage the text and images within the Content Manager library to create powerful online marketing campaigns. Seamlessly sync promotional emails with your site to deliver relevant and timely content. Measure keyword effectiveness and evaluate which are leading to conversions.
Powerful eCommerce Integration**
iAPPS Commerce and iAPPS Content Manager integrate seamlessly. Easily manage all of your web content as well as all product detail content to provide engaging online shopping experiences.
Next Generation Web Analytics ***
Standalone web analytics packages can't stand up to the actionable intelligence provided by iAPPS Analyzer. Analytics initiatives are more accurate and actionable, while content management is made faster and more efficient.
*Requires iAPPS Marketier license.
**Requires iAPPS Commerce license.
***Requires iAPPS Analyzer license.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is iAPPS Content Manager?

iAPPS Content Manager is a content management system that is optimized for non-technical users to create, edit, and publish website content via a browser-based interface. iAPPS is available on-demand or as a perpetually licensed product.

What are the newest features in iAPPS?

iAPPS 5.0 enables content authors to easily edit and publish content on their website using a tablet or smartphone. With the rise of mobile devices in the marketplace, it is imperative for websites to be managed with mobile-friendly features for on-the-go editing and publishing. Because websites are accessed today by multiple devices, delivering the right content and digital experience to the appropriate audience becomes a major competitive advantage for businesses. Persuasive content capabilities on iAPPS 5.0 leverage device, navigation behavior and demographics to help companies display content that improves conversion rates and allows visitors to immediately find what they want.

The new iAPPS 5.0 interface includes persona driven mega menus that can be customized towards personnel and their tasks. The restructured menu allows users to reach any iAPPS admin screen from any of the products, at any time. iAPPS administrators can also use flexible Layout Templates to create new Page Templates by dragging and dropping controls into special page zones – all without the need for developer assistance.

With the release of iAPPS 5.0, iAPPS now offers built-in foreign language translation services with the integration of Clay Tablet Technologies. iAPPS 5.0 also adds video hosting services built directly into the iAPPS Platform with Brightcove – driving digital engagement with enhanced multimedia features.

Is it easy to create and maintain web content with iAPPS?

Yes - very easy. The iAPPS Content Manager editing and authoring tools were developed to be used by someone without knowledge of HTML coding. Users can easily add new pages, sections and sub-sections, and upload and publish images on a page within the administration area. In fact, inline content editing allows you to edit content directly to a staged version of the page - it looks exactly like it will look as your making the changes once published.

Is iAPPS search engine friendly?

Yes, iAPPS is very SEO-friendly and is the only CMS out there that includes auto-301 redirects and auto-generated XML sitemaps. A 301 Redirect alerts search engines to a page name change and sends search users to the right place. When a 301 Redirect is not in place, search users can experience a Page Not Found error, also known as a 404 error. 404 errors can cause your website to suffer diminished search engine rankings. iAPPS Content Manager includes auto-301 Redirect creation after a change in any page name within your website - meaning you never have to worry about poor search engine optimization.

Sitemap.XML files allow a site administrator to inform search engines about URLs on their website that should be indexed, or in some cases, not indexed. Furthermore, they help search engines crawl through a website more intelligently by listing all available page URLs and include additional metadata for each page - such as how often its URL changes and when it was last updated.

Unlike many database-driven content management systems, iAPPS avoids query string URLs and uses search engine friendly English language URLs. Additionally, the metadata tagging features allow you to define specific page metadata and what metadata to include in a web page.

Does iAPPS offer enterprise search integration?

Enterprise search is state-of-the-art right out of the box with iAPPS, thanks to our partnership with the ISYS, the leader in site search and big data technology. Deep, seamless integration with ISYS allows iAPPS users easy access to all of their information every time, all the time.

Can I build my own custom applications for a website developed on iAPPS?

Absolutely. iAPPS is developed on the iAPPS .NET Framework. Your .NET development teams can easily develop custom applications that integrate with Content Manager. And for more robust custom applications, the iAPPS Framework Developer Edition gives you access to all of the available APIs, features, and functions.

How is iAPPS licensed?

iAPPS is available as a flexible SaaS – Software as a Service - licensing model for those who want to spread licensing costs over several years, and for those who don’t want to own the responsibilities of maintaining and supporting the required backend infrastructure. Bridgeline centrally manages product updates seamlessly for our SaaS customers. And for those who prefer to keep their web application in house, Bridgeline’s technology is flexible enough to offer a traditional perpetual license option.

Can I use iAPPS for both internal and external sites?

Yes, iAPPS has built in support for administrative and end-user access. So you can manage secure business application sites as easily as public marketing sites.

iAPPS has proven to be intuitive, user-friendly, and capable of enabling our different teams to manage a complex site on their own. The Bridgeline solution and easy deployment of iAPPS is definitely helping us to save time and money, and realize our overall business goals.

Fedelina Madrid
Vice President of Marketing
Berkshire Bank